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Build Your Own TV StationBuild Your Own TV Station

Make your own internet TV superstation and broadcast it to your social network.

Customize Your ShowsCustomize Your Shows

Combine videos from multiple Youtube creators into an entirely new TV Show. Collaborate with other film-makers without the mess and confusion of multiple video codecs. No more arguments over revenue share percentages.


Link with your HD TV using an HDMI cable and your computer, allowing you to watch the videos from the comfort of your couch without buying a special internet TV set-top box.

We are a revolutionary new way to watch your favorite Youtube shows, and discover new ones.

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Multi-Scheduler Feature Added

Multi-Scheduler Feature Added

  The Multi-scheduler feature was added earlier this week to┬áMartell TV. It allows an episode to be re-scheduled for later in the week,...

Best Practices for Station Creation

Best Practices for Station Creation

Making a Station in Martell TV is not the same thing as creating a Youtube Channel. Here are some best practices for how to gain the most benefit...